Black Grass

BlackGrass -Variation02

Things move slow when one has to juggle a day-job and a relationship with the responsibility of running a small press.

But things do move, and it is with great pleasure that I can now say (for real!), that our next book — Carl Dow’s Black Grass, a novel that smoothly combines adventure, historical, romance and western genres — is in production and will (yes, for real!) be published next year.

Over the next while, your humble publisher will be updating this space with information, excerpts and other fun stuff on as close to a regular basis as life will allow.

For the moment, I want to take a step back in time to introduce the work of New Leaf’s Magdalene Carson, who has created a wonderful cover for Carl’s book.

The above is, of course, one one of the preliminary sketches she provided, and that which formed the basis of the actual cover. I’ll be unveiling that in due course, but the best (or at least, the first) part of a seduction is the tease, I think her sketch accurately promises the full-colour painting to come.