Paul “Paulywogg” Adamson

Your next favourite voiceover artist

Black and white image of Paul Adamson
Paul Adamson, image courtesy of Paul.

March 10, 2023 — Paul Adamson is a Canadian-born gamer, movie buff, sci-fi nerd, animation fan, improviser, technical writer, and voice actor. As a voice actor, Paul specializes in finding the heart of any read or character. He believes it is in that heart that we can relate to situations and people with whom we wouldn’t otherwise find things in common.

When not lending his voice to The BumblePuppy Press’ books, Paul can be heard voicing video game characters (he’s the lead character, Bones, as well as a dozen other passengers and pedestrians in the PC game MileHigh Taxi, scheduled for unlocking on March 13, 2023), bringing HitRecord projects to life, and in November 2022, he became the primary voice for international chip and security software manufacturer Broadcom’s e-learning educational portal.

Useful as e-learning is, Paul’s real passion behind the mic lies in telling stories. For him, every story he can share is another chance to connect; something we could probably all do with more of.

His own website is