Two books for 90 years!


Birthday Special: 2 For 90!

In honour of his 90th birthday, BPPress is autographed copies of both of Carl Dow’s books for only $25!

$5.00 delivery available in downtown Ottawa

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Black Grass

In 1866, as three civilizations collide on the high plains of North America, two women in love with the same man arrive at a strange accommodation . . .

Facing an invasion from the south, can Gabriel Dumont, War Chief of the White Horse Plains Métis, forge an alliance between the formidable Sioux, now on the warpath, and his small band of Métis hunters?

In an epic tale of love and lust, loyalty and betrayal, the outnumbered Métis must draw on their courage and experience as buffalo hunters to defend their homeland from the richly-funded American Party that is determined to expand the borders of the United States from the warm waters of the Bay of Mexico to the Arctic lair of the Wolf Wind.

The Old Man’s Last Sauna

Explorations of the human spirit that will move, amuse and even shock

From odes to loves lost and loves found; from a clear-eyed look at what it takes to destroy a strong man to the web of love between a mother and her son; from the greed that drives a man to murder to a father’s understanding of the difference between his son’s imagination and the lies that lurk in the fears of his grandparents, Carl Dow’s stories introduce a powerful voice for the 21st century, one born of the turmoil, violence and struggle for justice and understanding that marked so much of the 20th.

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