Small press, large ambition

The BumblePuppy Press is an Ottawa-based publisher. We are not restricted by genre but by a respect for story-telling and for characters a reader can care about; for good books, in short.

The November 2013 publication of The Old Man’s Last Sauna, followed by the 2019 release of Black Grass marked our baby steps into the world of publishing fiction. 2022 promises to see us greatly expand. Look for a new novel by Carl Dow, Wildflowers: The Women Who Made McCord Chronicle, and Cascade, the first book of a remarkable fantasy trilogy by new writer Rachel Rosen, with more to come that we can’t (yet) talk about.

Our books will take advantage of the new technologies that allow (almost) anyone to own a “printing press” and to keep their books available over the long haul, for readers around the world.

We hope you will explore what we have to offer now and that you will return to taste the offerings to come. There are many, many stories in this world. We hope you will be there to share in our discoveries.

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The Team

Geoffrey Dow

Geoffrey Dow has a long history with the written word, as a writer and as an editor and, lately, publisher of the BumblePuppy Press.

He blogs irregularly at Edifice Rex Online and is the Managing Editor of the online news magazine True North Perspective. He has written scripts for CBC Radio, been a book reviewer for The Globe and Mail and the magazine Humanist Perspective (PDF), which somehow managed to misspell his name.

He studied the fine art of editing fiction under the late writer, editor and anthologist Judy Merril and spent many hours in the National Archives in Ottawa selecting material from her private correspondence for inclusion in what eventually became her posthumous memoir, Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril.

As a child he wrote and drew a series of comic books, was an editor of, and frequent contributor to, his grade eight newspaper, The Wembley World, and in high school created and edited a literary magazine, The House of the Dying Tree. He also wrote articles for the youth newspaper CounterPress. He later self-published several issues of the ‘zines, Tenement and Edifice Rex, precursor to his blog.

Geoffrey Dow has lived in Ottawa since 2009 and, more than a little to his surprise, has learned to like it quite a lot. He says that cycling to his day-job and pounding the turf on a local soccer pitch on Sundays help to keep him grounded.

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