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The Old Man’s Last Sauna

Stories that will move, amuse and even shock
in their subtle explorations of the human spirit

From odes to loves lost and loves found; from a clear-eyed look at what it takes to destroy a strong man to the web of love between a mother and her son; from the greed that drives a man to murder to a father’s understanding of the difference between his son’s imagination and the lies that lurk in the minds of his grandparents, Carl Dow’s stories introduce a powerful voice for the 21st century, one born of the turmoil, violence and struggle for justice and understanding that marked so much of the 20th.

A limited number (under two hundred) copies of The Old Man’s Last Sauna are still available directly from the publisher. Each will be autographed by the author and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Copies of the second edition can be ordered through your favourite online vendor.

Electronic copies are available, in any format and completely free from any digital rights management traps, through Smashwords or (of course) through your preferred online venue. But please note, both publisher and author benefit more if you order directly from us, or through Smashwords. (For an incomplete list of online stores selling the book in both electronic and paper versions, please see the sidebar at right.)

If you prefer to work the old-fashioned way, you can order a copy by sending a cheque or money order in the amount of CDN$19.00 (includes $0.75 GST and $3.25 postage and handling), payable to:

The BumblePuppy Press
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