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Cover of The Sad Bastard Cookbook by Zilla Novikov and Rachel A. Rosen with illustrations by Marten NorrThe Sad Bastard Cookbook

Food you can make so you don’t die

By Zilla Novikov & Rachel A. Rosen
Illustrated by Marten Norr

Named one of 2022’s 10 best cookbooks by

Life is hard. Some days are at the absolute limit of what we can manage. Some days are worse than that. Eating—picking a meal, making it, putting it into your facehole—can feel like an insurmountable challenge. We wrote this cookbook to share our coping strategies. It has recipes to make when you’ve worked a 16-hour day, when you can’t stop crying and you don’t know why, when you accidentally woke up an Eldritch abomination at the bottom of the ocean. But most of all, this cookbook exists to help Sad Bastards like us feel a little less alone at mealtimes.

The Sad Bastard Cookbook is funny, realistic, and kind. It’s vegetarian/vegan. It’s a community-built project. And the e-book is free. It’s hard to survive late capitalism and we want to help.

A paperback version (ISBN: 978-1-80352-120-6) is available from Amazon.

Published by the Independent Publishing Network, a proud part of the Night Beats Extended Universe.


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