Black Friday & Cyber Monday or, Yielding to the madness of crowds

Some years ago I read an article about a department store chain in the US (or maybe it was a grocery chain; it was a long time ago) that decided to buck the trend of having every-changing specials in favour of pricing all of their products slightly lower than did their competitors.

Seems pretty simple, and pretty reasonable, doesn’t it? What they hadn’t considered, of course, is that individual people don’t shop on “average”, we shop in the moment. And if Store A is selling, say, paper towels for half the price that Store B is, people will go a little out of their way for that bargain — and, while there, might pick up a few, slightly higher-priced, items at the same time. Long story short, the everyday lower price experiment was short-lived, and that store soon found itself back with the herd, running weekly specials.

What does all this have to do with The BumblePuppy Press? Well, against our best judgement, we too are getting in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Sigh. Click here to learn more!